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Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling Defeated

I took off a few days, hoping to have a new topic to write about other than heat and drought. It didn't work; I feel so defeated, crushed by this summer's history making temperatures, the sun's burn, the crackling grass. We watch the radar each day, watching for possible relief, and as the clouds approach our map circle, they divide, one to the north, east, or south, and other than a slight drop in numbers on the thermometer, we're left high and dry. Trees are putting up their defenses against the drought by ridding themselves of their greatest source of water loss, their leaves, and we hope they can retain enough moisture to save their roots.

This is our dogwood tree,

and leaves fell this afternoon, making it look and feel like fall.

We're feeding hay now; the grass in the pastures is brown and too short to be eaten by the cattle. These pictures were taken after sunset, when the cattle came out from the shade of the trees to eat. The blurred effect is from dust kicked up by the cattle.

The water in the ponds is very low, green and turning red around the edges. They really should have well water available to them, but the chickens drink from the wells -- what would we do if the wells went dry? As long as we can keep electricity and water for the cool cells, the chickens should be alright for a couple more weeks; at six weeks it will be more difficult to keep them cool.

I put the string quilt in the frames; a little joyful work to help take my mind off this summer. I'll try to not post about this anymore -- :)) My faith is still strong -- God loves us.



  1. I'm so sorry, Charlotte... I know how dreadful it is to see everything drying up and dying before your eyes.
    Times like these sure are hard to endure... but like you said, we have a God that loves and cares for us.

  2. we finally got rain during the night but lost our electricity at 4:40 AM and still not on, hope it stays cool until it comes back.

  3. You are really in the thick of it.
    I know its dreadful for you. I pray God will send you some rain soon and refresh not only the land by your spirits too!

  4. We figured out yesterday that the well for the blueberries is the same as dry. What can we do about it? Nothing. But a few hours later, we got that little bit of rain. Maybe the plants can stay alive.

  5. I think this summer has been hard on everyone cause of the heat!