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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haste Makes Waste ??

Stitching is coming along pretty fast on the string quilt; I think there are two full rows and one wonky house left to do. In my haste to put it up, this is what I missed:

I had forgotten to take the paper off the backs of two houses!! No big deal however; they were on the last portion of the quilt to be stitched, so I just took the pins out, folded the top back, lifted the papers off, and pinned it again. Whew!! at least they weren't on the first row! If you paper piece, have you ever forgotten to take off the paper? We've always heard, "Haste makes waste"; in this case, only a waste of a little time.

We continue to get rain showers, so far around 1 3/4 inches, with bad lightning and window-rattling thunder; the grass seems to be holding up their little blade cups to catch it all. The air is much cooler too, so now I must start my walks again! There seems to be a change in the season, but we could be fooled.



  1. Just taking a quick moment to visit Charlotte. I am so thankful for your rain. I've been praying! We haven't had any yet, but we are believing. There is rain in the area - perhaps some will get to us.
    I hope to get back to blogging soon.

  2. I'm glad you're finally getting rain and cooler temps!

    Everyone who's created has had those little "oops" moments. Glad yours was easy to remedy.

  3. The quilt is just beautiful! I'm glad you're getting some rain-and cooler temps too.

  4. Beautiful quilt. I am anxious to see the finished quilt.
    Good to hear about the rains, love the way it smells and how the plants change with it.
    We suddenly don't have any, in less then a month I've almost drained our rain barrels - but we are no where near drought, fall is coming and we will get lots of rain again.

  5. What a lovely quilt! Good thing you caoght the paper! I love the colors and you did such a wonderful job! blessings,Kathleen

  6. So glad you're still getting some rain, Charlotte... the quilt is coming along great!

  7. I've never paper quilted before. We received some much needed rain yesterday, too. It's beginning to feel like fall. :o)