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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let's Pray She Got It ----

Today I had a visit with my dermatologist. In January, I was given an "all clear" to go for one whole year without another check up, a great relief for me. Soon afterwards I noticed a little place on the side of my nose, and then, every time it was bumped it would bleed a little; I knew it was time to have it checked. As expected, it was skin cancer, so it had to be removed. Now we'll wait for the lab work to see if she got all of it. Let's pray she did, otherwise she said I would have to have more removed and then a graft. I always thought my nose was too large but I don't want it made smaller one snip at a time. :)

I try to wear sun screen lotion and a cap or hat whenever I'll be in the sun for any length of time. I don't know if the damage to my skin happened recently or in all the years I've worked outside on the farm. (A doctor told me one time I should have married a prince rather than a farmer) As girls, my sister and I hoed in the cane fields with our parents and when I married and we bought our farm, I worked in the hay fields for a time on an open tractor. Trying to get a tan as a teenager never worked for me; I just got sunburned and stayed fair, so I gave that up. On the other hand, maybe the sun isn't to blame; both my parents had skin problems so perhaps it was passed on to me.

I worry about people who purposely get tans in a tanning bed, or cook themselves in the sun without protection. Is is really worth the risk? After all, beauty is only skin deep.



  1. Oh Charlotte, I worry about people too. Those tanning beds and laying in the sun is dangerous. I have never had any that I know of but my mom and dad had them from working outside all their life. I'll be praying that they got it all. Susie

  2. Dear Charlotte - I will be praying that it is all clear and that you won't have a recurrence. I have such a hard time with sun screen. It just doesn't agree with my sensitive skin. So I wear a baseball cap when I walk!

  3. Charlotte, I hope they got it all. I always worry about skin cancer and melanoma. Stay out of the sun, please.

  4. Hope everything comes back okay, Charlotte. A few years ago, I had a pre-cancerous spot on the side of my nose.
    Many years ago, I spent quite a bit of time in a tanning bed, but no more.
    Please let us know when you hear more news.

  5. I'll be sure to pray and that everything is o.k.!

  6. I pray that you will get a good report from the doctor. It is scary to think about skin cancer. I never tanned either, just burned and peeled.
    Best wishes,

  7. Oh Charlotte I am sorry to hear you have to deal with this, I too hope she got it all.
    Fair skin, yes I burn quite easily now but as a child growing up in AK I never had a sunburn. I've learned to wear sunscreen and hats.
    Tanning booths seem to be overdone by so many.

  8. Charlotte, I can feel your pain. I have lost count of the small skin cancers I have had removed. I have had three surgeries that required multiple stitches, the last one on my right ear. Don't forget to check behind your ears! My doctor says the damage was done when I was a child working outside on the farm. I would get badly burned every year...never used sunscreen or wore hats.