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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ninety Five Horses

You've heard the quote; "Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door", a phrase attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. On a farm, the same holds true whenever a new piece of machinery shows up. For instance, this morning Popa's new tractor was delivered, and immediately there were men waiting to look at it, walk around it, run their hands across the shiney New Holland blue paint, feel the deep unused tread of its tires. Two sat inside the cab on cushioned seats, covered with plastic, and started the engine, listening to its power and feeling the cold air swirling from air conditioning vents. "Does the radio work? Let's run it through its shifting cycles, and what about those sparkling, dust-free windows?"

And then it's back outside to raise the hood and look at the engine; there's a ninety five horse power engine in there you know, with no dust or oil drips. Now to wrap my mind around what that really means, I see this: ninety five sleek, muscled work horses, harnessed to the hay cutting machine, come charging out of that hood whenever the engine starts, and around and around the field they go.

This evening, about sundown, I'll take my turn looking and touching, for I want to know if anything is different in the way to start or stop those ninety five horses.



  1. Men. They're all the same: weather it's a farm tractor or a race car!

    And I love that sketch!

  2. And I can't believe I just used the wrong version of weather/whether in my comment!

  3. How exciting Charlotte! We would have no place to use such a huge machine, but I know my husband would be out there with the men checking it out too. He's hoping for a bigger tractor for our new place - some day.
    Imagine...95 horses!!!

  4. That is so cute, Charlotte~ and very true! I think that's why they call them "big boy toys". *grin*

  5. How fun! LOL...I guess men are just about the same where ever you go.
    This was a fun read!

  6. Men and their machines! I think 95 horses would be prettier to look at.

  7. Sounds like the men around here too : )