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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Callie

Let me introduce you to my calico cat, Princess Calico. aka, Callie; aren't all calico cats called Callie at one time or another? She's very affectionate, as long as it's on her terms; she likes to be petted, but "don't pick me up!" Last spring she had five kittens; one solid black, one calico, one black and white tuxedo, and two gray and white tabbies (one tabby disappeared). She kept them hidden for a long time, but finally brought them to the barn. They expect food from me, and used to scatter like crazy when I went in with them, but they are beginning to be less afraid. Maybe being afraid will help them live longer. The cat-killing dog in our neighborhood was at the barn a couple of days ago, so I stay in constant fear they'll get caught.

There is a solid black male cat who stays at the barn with them. He doesn't have a tail. I think Callie's looking plump around the middle; could it be? I wonder what her adolescent children will think of new siblings!



  1. What a beautiful cat. I thnk calicos are so pretty. I had one a few years a go and I let her out and she got run over by a car. We live on a busy highway. Hope she has at least one calico for you..Susie

  2. Callie is beautiful and I do hope
    she is able to live out her life
    without the dog catching her.
    I spent my first six years of life
    on our farm and have such fond
    memories of that peaceful kind of
    living. Don't like living in the
    city. I have two cats, one is a
    black and white and the other a
    tortoise. I also have a new seven
    month old long haired miniature
    dachshund. I can't imagine life
    without pets.

  3. I confess, Charlotte, I am not a cat person. Dogs are more my "thing," but Callie is very sweet. I hope she and her little ones stay safe. I imagine she is a big help in the barn!

  4. cute cat - we had 3 strays last year but they all disappeared this past spring - now we have numerous cats that come through the yard and visit for awhile but I am not adopting any of them this time - they will have to go elsewhere for food.

  5. I hope the cat-killing dog stays away. Maybe he needs a little "encouragement" to do so.....

  6. What a pretty girl. I'm a huge cat person but, of our four, none is a Callie-cat.

  7. She is beautiful! Sounds like she may be using her female charms a bit too well... *grin*

  8. She sure is pretty. I love calico cats and Siamese cats too.

    You could watch for the dog with a BB gun and sting him when he comes around. Maybe he would get the idea and you could still keep friendly relations with your neighbor. :)

  9. I love a barn cat and barn full of kittens. Even as far as we are, we still have dogs roaming and usually killing our chickens, but the worst predators are the coyote and the bobcat. Callie is such a pretty little cat! Blessings,Kathleen

  10. What a beautiful kitty. She's long-haired, where my Sundae is a short-haired calico. Hope the dog doesn't harm her or her babies (present & future).

  11. Very nice to meet Callie-she's a pretty girl : )

  12. Callie is a beautiful cat and always good to have mousers - I assume they are mousers anyways.
    They bring us joy, that is the wonderful part.