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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work In Progress ...

This is my work in progress, a doll quilt top, designed by Amy (www.duringquiettime.blogspot.com) . She has an excellent tutorial for making this Scattered Dots quilt in her May 30, 2010 post. Mine is a little smaller than hers, made to fit my doll beds. Amy's work is so precise and neat; all points match, etc. She machine appliqued the dots on her quilt; I used the blanket stitch for mine since I don't do machine applique that well.

I'll probably put this back and quilt it later. I had a woman tell me one time, "I don't know why you make these doll quilts, no one wants them." But it didn't stop me; little girls like quilts for their dolls, and they make nice table toppers or wall hangings for big girls.

Wouldn't you like to try this for some little girl?

Smiles, Charlotte


  1. It is so sweet Charlotte, and I think any little girl would love to have it for her dolls.

  2. So pretty and colorful. You are inspiring me to make a dolly quilt. What do you use as a guideline for finished measurements for a dolly quilt?

  3. Ooooh~ I LOVE doll quilts, Charlotte! I usually can't put in the time required to make large quilts, so doll quilts are just the right size for a rainy day project for me.
    And I still love dolls, especially my stuffed animals~ I guess that part of me will never grow up... *grin*
    I'm headed to Amy's blog to check it out.

  4. I love doll quilts. And if you find an old one in an antique shop, they are very pricey!
    (That person shouldn't have discouraged you!)

  5. I think that is a very sweet design for a little doll quilt..Someday a little girl is going to have so much fun wrapping her sweet "baby" in this quilt..

  6. I think that other lady was only interested in making and selling the larger quilts. I love doll quilts and making them is a lot quicker than the larger ones. I am impatient :o) Yours is going to be very pretty.

  7. Janet, she hadn't made a quilt in years; she was just -- well -- you know :)

  8. How could anyone tire of seeing your quilt, such a lovely one. I do not quilt, I appreciate your ability to.