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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Block

Farmer meets up with Mother Goose; "Good day, Ms. Goose." He bows and tips his straw hat. "Good afternoon, Farmer McDonald. How are your children today?"

"They're doin' better, considerin' the calamity they had yesterday. Did ya hear? Ma sent them up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack filled his pail too full and on the way back down -- you know how steep that hill is -- well, that pail begin hittin' him on the leg and first thing he knew, he was stumblin' and his feet just flew plumb out from under him! He fell down! Jill didn't have time to step aside, so she just tumbled down right after him!"
"Oh my! were they hurt?"

"Oh yes! broke Jack's crown! But he got up and trotted home as fast as he could. Ma plastered his head with vinegar and brown paper and sent him to bed so his head could mend. Jill laughed when she saw the plaster; vexed Ma so bad she scolded her for causing Jack's disaster."

The final embroidered block and the patchwork blocks are also finished; one row is set together. There are places on these blocks which look dirty in the pictures; this is caused by shadowing and aren't that way in person.

A footnote to yesterday's post: this afternoon I drove by the killdeer's nest. She wasn't there and only one egg was in the nest! (sniff, sniff) We imagine either a skunk or a raccoon found the nest last night. I didn't find any feathers so maybe she escaped but I don't imagine she will come back to the nest. Now I feel bad about putting the bucket there; maybe it just drew the predator to the nest. Maybe I should have just let Mother Nature handle it all; however, I doubt that they would have survived the traffic without the bucket. I'm sorry-



  1. Such a cute block. I know how you feel about the nest and eggs. I never know whether or not I should interfere. I found a baby hawk in the yard this week. Badly injured from a cat and being tossed around by the high wind and heat. I brought it in, droppped water to it with a dropper and kept it in a quiet place. It lived throughout the night, but died the next day. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm so sorry about the nest Charlotte. I don't think you made it worse for the Mama - you were trying to help her. Hopefully she is just fine.
    These blocks are just precious. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.