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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt for a Baby Boy

This is a quilt for a baby boy with choo-choo train, kite, and animals. I like to make quilts from bright colors for babies; don't you think they respond to bright, basic colors best? I do most of my applique using the blanket stitch since I can't seem to get the hang of needle-turned applique, and I do hand quilting.

Have a blessed Sunday, Charlotte


  1. Oh Charlotte, I love this. Babies do love bright colors. Thanks for the comments on mine..Susie

  2. I always love to do the simple cross hatch on quilts it always looks so well. I am the opposite I have never done the blanket stitch well but have needle turn down.

  3. How sweet! I can just imagine a little fella learning to say "train", "bear", "turtle" etc, while pointing at the images on your quilt!

  4. This bright and colorful quilt is fantastic!!!!!!! It is a great quilt for a boy, but I think there are lots of little girls who would love it too!

  5. It think any little boy would love it-and so would his momma!

  6. Cute, cute. I love baby quilts.