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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday -- Around the Yard

Another little show and tell from the yard:

This is a big hosta, in bloom; I don't know how it has survived since an armadillo dug a really big hole under it last summer. It doesn't take hot sunshine too well, but the redbud tree has grown big enough to shade it some this summer.

These flowers are considered to be wildflowers. The yellow one, commonly named Brown-eyed Susan, when found along the roadside, was actually started from seeds I bought called Gloriosa Daisy. They are a little larger than the wild version and have double petals on some plants. The orange flowers are those of the Butterfly Milkweed plant. These pop up here and there in the pastures and come back every year in the same place. Their seed pods are filled with feather-like fluff that is carried off by the wind at the end of summer. I dug up a plant to get it started in my flower bed; they're very hard to transplant because of their long tap root.

This is not in my yard, and the picture doesn't do it justice. It is a wild rose, single-petaled, growing along the edge of the woods at the hay field. (I don't know if I shake too much to get a good picture or if the camera is a dud.) Anyway, wild flowers seem to take the heat and dry weather better than garden flowers. My yard flower beds are beginning to need rain; it's been two weeks since our last rain.

Today we finished hauling all the hay that was baled; tomorrow we will bale again and for now, nothing else is cut. I'm ready to piddle in the sewing room!!

Are you busy with summer chores? I'd like to have you tell me about your work.



  1. I love seeing your yard.

    Right now all my older children are gone with my husband. So I have a 10, 8, 5 & 2.5 years old. Today we cleaned the house. It was in a state of complete disarray. I wanted to leave it until Friday but I just couldn't. So I spent a lot of the day cleaning, directing children and training children and taking children potty. LOL.

    Not exactly summer chores but it was my day. It was a good day too.

  2. This is not talking about my chores, but about my yard. I had a butterfly milkweed I had bought from the nursery and babies along for a couple of years. It didn't seem to be back this year, so I thought it probably died. But this morning I saw something in that spot that is eitherthe milkweed or a noxious weed! I'll have to wait to see if it flowers. I hope it's the milkweed; they are so beautiful.

  3. I managed to get one of the orange flower plants transplanted a couple years ago but I had planted 3 and only 1 came up - I didn't get enough of the roots I think. I see another one growing my the ditch far from the house and would try to get that one except the ground is so dry already from the heat that I doubt I could dig deep enough to get it up.

  4. I'm envious of your hosta and your daisies. The rabbits and deer make short work of mine :(
    So far my summer work is consisting of watering what few plants I have - although we had rain last Sunday morning, temps in the upper 90's dry everything out very quickly.
    Enjoy your day in your sewing room!!

  5. Love the pretty blossoms! Hope you get your hay done and get to piddle and stitch! blessings,Kathleen

  6. The flowers are lovely Charlotte. I have a fondness for wild flowers.
    I've had lots of days recently for just staying at home. I haven't accomplished much, since I'm trying to be quiet. But I have started knitting a baby blanket for a young woman in our choir. I'm also spending too much time on the computer :-)
    I'm so glad you have time to do a bit of sewing.

  7. I really need to do some summer chores but it's just toooo hot ! !
    My part of the world hasn't seen a drought this bad since 1956 ane we're breaking all kinds of temp records...Love your flowers and that wild rose is gorgeous...

  8. Such pretty plants. Skunks also dig a lot around my plants.....sigh. Don't you find that wild roses smell so wonderful compared to the hybrids purchased in stores? blessings, kathleen

  9. Hello, Miss Charlotte~ we just finished up with our hay this evening. All that's left now is to bring the rolls home and stack them. *Whew* I'm ready to do some sewing too!
    I loved seeing your beautiful colorful flowers... the brown eyed Susans are gorgeous!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and I am so glad you made it through the storms unharmed. It is so sad to hear about the man getting killed by the tornado...and the poor little goat left alone.
    This is such a busy time....come visit again when you can.